Sunday, 12 October 2014

Something a little bit personal...

OK. It's been a while since the last time i wrote a post. And to be honest, i really missed bloging, and everything internet related.

I was having some really hard times of my life since i was 13. I don't know how to explain, but at the same time, i've become internet addicted girl. I used to spend my whole day in the internet, watching youtubers, instagramming, and doing all that kind of stuff. Yeah, i had no friends, or maybe i had them, but i was feeling very lonely, and youtubers and internet people were my ONLY friends, and they gave me so much confidence. Even tho i used to spend my whole day in the internet, but i had that feeling, and i felt that each day i was getting stronger. And spending 2 years of my life in the internet, wasn't the best thing but i've learned so much from that, and finally decided to change my life, and to live a normal life, like a normal person, and to get out of my comfort zone. It wasn't easy, but i've done so many things, that i thought i was never be able to do, or i will never do them. And every time i've done that kind of things, i've started to feel the power, and i was getting powerful. Maybe for some people being able to go and start a conversation with a stranger would be a normal thing, but for me it was very hard, and scary. But i decided to give it ago, and wasn't that bad or scary. It was ok. There were so many things that i've done this year, and i'm feeling happier. 

I don't know if i'm happy with this post, or whatever but there were so many things that i wanted and needed to bring out of my chest. The only lesson that I've learned from these 3 years of my life is that virtual life is fun, and sometimes it's better then reality, but don't waste your years on the internet. Go out and do whatever you want because you only live once!